HealthMEX Summit & Awards

A HEAL Health Connect and Healthscape initiative

This is India’s first ever platform which brings together all verticals of India’s healthcare sector to recognize, discuss and honour excellence in marketing.

HealthMEX is a must attend initiative to bring excellence across healthcare sectors on a common platform:

The Summit aims to discuss and showcase outstanding work done through innovations and collaborations in their marketing  initiatives across all segments of India’s healthcare sector. An opportunity to see leaders and marketing experts of leading healthcare organisations share their insights and vision with a niche audience of 250+ healthcare marketing professionals.

The Summit will culminate in Healthcare Marketing Excellence Awards which will felicitate brands, services and professionals who have designed and executed extraordinary innovations in healthcare marketing. These awards will felicitate all the companies, brands, products and services active for their outstanding contributions made in calendar year 2018.

Our Vision

India’s healthcare sector is expanding at a marvellous pace. There are immense learning opportunities, inter and intra sector collaboration possibilities and yet unexplored growth avenues. We recognized the need to bring together marketing stakeholders from all verticals of the healthcare sector to promote and support its exponential growth. Thus, the idea of HealthMex was born. We welcome you to be a part of this futuristic and pathbreaking initiative to explore new and exciting ways to bolster growth of your organisation and healthcare sector as a whole.

Why should you participate?

Do you have an exciting brand story to share? Showcase how you created value for your brands, stakeholders or shareholder. Highlight how your insights, strategy and execution addressed unmet needs of stakeholders and brought commercial success to your brand. This event will inspire you by bringing to you the best practices in marketing across healthcare sectors.

Join HealthMEX today to:

  • Showcase your innovative marketing campaigns and establish yourself as a dominant therapy and healthcare sector leader!
  • Learn about inter and intra sectoral marketing efforts and value creation
  • Explore collaboration opportunities with like-minded peers to together design and execute mind blowing marketing initiatives
  • Network with other leaders of ALL healthcare verticals under ONE roof

 The Core Objective: Patients at the centre of marketing initiative

All efforts undertaken by every player of the healthcare sector are to eventually benefit the care seeker – the patient. We visualize HealthMEX as a platform where leaders of all verticals of India’s healthcare sector can come together and deliberate in synergy to design and deliver best healthcare solutions to patients. Discussions in the summit and the awards intend to inspire others towards bigger and better achievements by rewarding those who set an industry best benchmark in patient centric care.

Desired Outcome

If patients are the key of any business, inter sectoral collaboration could be the future of marketing and value creation. Possible opportunity in future to collaborate and create better value for our patients.

Partner with us!

HealthMEX is history in the making! And this is a golden opportunity for you to partner with us.