Deciphering the Pharma Promotion Code

Leveraging patient insights & policy impacts to maximize commercial success

Leveraging pharma promotion code for marketers advantage Making Pharma-Prescriber relationship more important Striking the right marketing mix between the pharma promotion code and needs of the industry
Synopsis:Are Pharma Promotion Code a boon or bane? The guidelines set by, central government is a guidance to the industry for promotion or marketing of drugs and medical devices. The theme of discussion how pharma promotion code will be affecting patient understanding, marketers yet would maximize commercial success. The discussion will emphasize in bringing out the ideal marketing mix between pharma promotion code and needs of the industry. The interactive session will emphasize on creating a frictionless relationship between pharma and prescibers.

Creating the perfect Patient Support Program (PSP):

Is your patient support program creating a frictionless, connected and relevant engagement experience?

Paradigm shift towards a value based that places patients or end consumers at the center of all healthcare decisions.Innovation in marketing initiative to enhance patient support and customer engagement process.
Synopsis: Patient empowerment is increasingly on the rise and the center of marketing decision among most pharmaceutical companies. It has become quintessential on their part to deliver best in class patient support program which includes redesigning of their patient support program to enhance the brand loyalty and prevention of switching to competitive brands. The theme discussion is about bring out the ideal marketing initiatives and measured to be adopted by healthcare brands to retain back patient loyalty or consumer loyalty for a particular brand, creating a seamless and relevant engagement with end consumers.

Power of Data, AI and Analytics

Leveraging the power of data in building effective promotional program

Engaging Data Artificial Intelligence and Analytics for building effective marketing programs
Synopsis: with the advancement of technology and newer technologies coming up more often, most businesses today are in AI and analytics platform. Data which is collected by most organizations to enhance business efficiencies are more accessible these days and are used for effective promotional program. In pertinence to the Indian market, AI and data analytics is an evolving market and is soon to pick up pace across sectors, with the emphasis that government holds for it. The theme discussion will focus on leveraging the power of data for enhancing promotional practices by healthcare solution and service providers.

Best Launch practices

A comprehensive 360 degree view of successful launch

What does it take to ensure a perfect brand or campaign launch?Engaging brand leaders in a knowledge exchanging platform to identify the best practices for a brand launch
Synopsis:An inclusive marketing campaign, which only can ensure a successful launch and existence of brand, in a highly competitive market, is quintessential for a brand to be successful in this highly competitive and growing consumer market. The theme will discuss about the best practices adopted by successful brands for a effective brand launch. a detailed run-through by marketing experts, culminate on best comprehensive overview on best marketing practices to be adopted for successful brand launch.


Bridging gap between marketing and sales

What does it take to ensure a perfect brand or campaign launch?
Practices and initiatives for bridging the gap between two completely different vertical of sales and marketing Engaging discussion on leveraging regularities and norms of both sales and marketing
Synopsis:most organisations suffer a severe gap between marketing and sales resources. While marketing team struggles to maximise marketing budget on lead generation, analyst relations, product analysis- which are often not used in reaching out the end consumer. On the other hand, sales force of any organisations only target is to expand their revenue figures. The difference however is only because of gap in internal communication within the organisation. The panel, comprised of mixed bag of marketing experts and sales heads will elaborate on the loop holes in internal communication, and what should be an ideal internal communication practices.

Digital Therapeutics

Using Digital Tools to Supplement Reach and Exposure of Sales Forces

Synopsis:Sales force in certain organizations are either shrinking or expanding. A lot of it is been impacted by usage of digital marketing tools for enhancing brands reach and exposure. Which are the ideal platforms that gives maximum desired output for increasing brand value? What are the best practices of leveraging digital marketing tools? How the digital tools can further be utilized to harness the power of sales force? This theme sums it up all.

Out of Industry Case Study

Marketing, Emotions, And ROI

Taking learnings from other industries to enhance ROI through marketing initiatives
Synopsis:This is an interactive session between varied healthcare domain marketing and sales experts, indulging in knowledge exchange of best marketing initiatives in each domain to adopt, to harness better innovations in marketing approach for better results.

Evolution of Consumerism

How Patanjali is setting the pace for consumer expectations

Taking Patanjali as a case study on how the brand has changed the consumer expectation from FMCG market
FMCG brands like Patanjali which has undoubtedly captured significant share of its market domain has been able to create a healthy competition among FMCG brands. The case study discussion will highlight on evolution of FMCG marketing techniques and way forward.

Excellence in Consumer Health Marketing Changing Marketing Paradigms

2020 and beyond, way forward for Healthcare Marketing techniques (covers all sectors in healthcare marketing)Identifying the shift in marketing paradigm, to conceptualize the way forward for healthcare marketing techniques

Taking Patanjali as a case study on how the brand has changed the consumer expectation from FMCG market.
Synopsis:with more and more new brands penetrating the market and evolution in marketing techniques, a lot of innovation in marketing techniques are happening in the healthcare domain. The session overviews some of the best possible innovations and way forward.